Announcing the final winners of the Fiat Lux Remix contest!

Our panel of faculty judges has chosen the following winners.

The Grand Prize

Luis Flores and Elena Kempf were both chosen to receive Grand Prizes ($500 gift cards).

Luis's winning entry is his essay, The American University and the Establishment of Neoliberal Hegemony. In the words of one of our judges, this essay is "A nuanced and impressively argued research paper that includes both primary and secondary research. The author grapples in a sophisticated way with the unique role of the University of California, its historic charge and endemic weaknesses, especially is vulnerabilities and "habits" that came to the fore during Clark Kerr's presidency and have continued to plague us in notable ways in the present."

Elena, whose photo "Generations" won the September semi-finalist prize, receives her Grand Prize for the photo "Fight for Public Education". As one judge expressed it, "The foreground and framing of this picture brings into view what is so notably absent from the Fiat Lux photos: the voice of dissent. The image suggests the megaphone both as a source of projection and sustenance. The protester in the foreground is as much an icon of Berkeley as is Sather Tower in the background. And yet, the institution itself is deeply conflicted about the former. What is the conversation between these two images of Berkeley?" Another judge noted that all three of the photographs Elena submitted are stunning.

Elena and Luis, along with the Honorable Mention winners listed below, will also meet with the Chancellor, UC President, and Regents to present their winning entries and their visions for the future. We are proud to be represented by such talented and brilliant students.

Honorable Mention

Five submissions were chosen for the Honorable Mention prizes and $200 gift cards:

Pauline Autet, for her booklet "A Call to Care". Those who would like a copy of her thought-provoking and attractive booklet can pick one up at the Fiat Lux, Fiat Lunch, Fiat Futures exhibit, starting February 13, 2013.

Yuan Chen, whose acrylic painting "The Lettuce Picker" brilliantly recreates one segment of an Ansel Adams photograph.

Everto Gutierrez, for his photograph "Field Day", which evokes Adams' photo of a field trip in a nuanced way.

Joseph Mann, whose photoshopped image "Rephotography at the Big C" is, according to one of the judges, "A visually compelling image that subtly makes an interesting argument about race."

Sheila Wagner, whose image, "Fiat Lux". is, one judge's words, "A haunting image that is powerful in its sheer visuality, and beautifully layered and assembled."

All of the winning entries will be on display at the Fiat Lux, Fiat Lunch, Fiat Futures exhibit from February 13 through 23.

The Fiat Lux Remix contest winners had a chance to meet the U.C. Regents and Governor in March. In this photo (right to left): Yuan Chen, Alix Schwartz (program director), Amanda Eicher (Fiat Lux, Fiat Lunch course instructor), Catherine Cole (lead faculty member), Sheila Wagner, Luis Flores, and Elena Kempf. Photograph by Everto Gutierrez (also a Fiat Lux Remix contest winner).