Our panel of faculty judges has selected two winners for November's Fiat Lux Remix contest: Pauline Autet and Daniel Hogan.

Pauline's piece is a booklet, "A Call to Care," that combines photos by both Ansel Adams and Autet herself with history and critical analysis. She is raising funds to print copies to distribute at the Fiat Lux, Fiat Lunch, Fiat Futures exhibit in February.

Daniel's photo-essay. Physics Landscapes, illustrates facets of physics research at UC Berkeley and Lawrence Berkeley Lab, in an effort to fill in some of the blanks left by Adams' depiction of science at the university.

Pauline and Daniel have each received a $150 gift card to the Cal Student Store. Congratulations to Pauline and Daniel!

The People's Choice award, determined by number of "likes" on Facebook, goes to Joon Suk (Terrence) Park, Sa-Nan (Emily) Park, and Sa-Heen (Carrie) Park, who photographed the campus at various times across a 24-hour period and combined the photos into one collage. Their artwork received thirty-three "likes" on Facebook.

All of these pieces will be in the running for the Grand Prizes to be awarded in February. The prizes include the chance to meet with the Chancellor, UC President, and Regents.