First prize goes to Everto Gutierrez, for his photo "Field Day," which evokes Ansel Adams' Professor Stebbins Field Trip images in a complicated way. Everto has won a $150 gift card to the Cal Student Store.

Second prize has been awarded to Yuan Chen, whose beautiful oil painting, "Arches," renders a segment of Adams' photo of the Arches of the Humanities Building at UC Riverside. Yuan Chen has won a $100 gift card to the Cal Student Store.

Both of these pieces will be in the running for the Grand Prize to be awarded at the end of the year.
On the Same Page thanks everyone who has submitted artwork to our contest, and encourages everyone else in the campus community to submit your vision for our future, whatever form or format that may take. We will accept photos, essays, stories, plays, films, manifestos--you name it. We will choose additional monthly winners in November, and the Grand Prizes in December. Entries received by December 7 will be considered for prizes, and the chance to meet with the Chancellor, UC President, and Regents.

Congratulations, Everto Gutierrez and Yuan Chen!