Amanda Eicher with Clark Kellogg

A Fall class designed to help cultivate Fiat Lux Remix creative projects and to imagine the future of the University of California.

This class provides space for face-to-face engagement with the Fiat Lux photographs, their remixed variations created by students, and the re-invention of the university itself. You are invited to enroll and participate!

FIAT LUNCH: Curatorial and Social Practices and the University of California Ansel Adams Archive
PRACTICE OF ART 142 (course control #04407)
WF 12-3P, 494 Wurster, 4 units
Amanda Eicher, instructor with special guest Clark Kellogg

This class will track and initiate new works in performance, social practice, and curatorial/installation practice by students, faculty, staff, and community members working with material from the Fiat Lux archive. Through hands-on research, outreach, collaboration, experimentation, and project management (as well as weekly open lunches in the classroom), the course will engage artists, community members, and experts to construct a set of visions for the coming 50 years of the University of California in the form of an interactive, multidisciplinary exhibition and accompanying public programming. We will begin with an installation of existing artist interventions housed in the Making UC Futures Innovation Lab (the classroom for the course) at the start of the semester and work towards a Spring exhibition of commissioned artworks in the Worth-Ryder Art Gallery in Kroeber Hall. People can participate in this class either by enrolling, or by attending some of the open lunch sessions on Fridays. For more information contact Amanda Eicher: fiatlunch (at)