Kwame Braun and Catherine Cole

Take Five is an invitation to curate a mini-exhibition of Fiat Lux photographs or images that you create yourself depicting the UC’s future.

"Take Five" is a series of filmed interviews with UC faculty, staff, alumni, and students as well as members of the general public in relation to the Fiat Lux photographic collection. We ask our narrators to select five images from the collection that speak to that person--for whatever reason. Sometimes narrators' choices arise out of their disciplinary focus, or their personal views about education or the UC. Other times their choices are quite personal. We then edit each interview down to about five minutes, and the finished pieces will appear both on this website and also in the "Fiat Lux Redux" exhibition at The Bancroft Library in the Fall 2012.

Designed to provoke conversations about the past, present and future of the University of California, "Take Five" is an art-based social practice designed to catalyze conversations about what we see and don't see in these images, about what we like and want to keep alive from our institution's past, and also about what might be wrong and need to be changed. It's also about our aspirations: what sort of pictures of the UC's future do we want to see?